Edge of Fun

The iEDGE and EDGE are multi functional media adapters for DSi, DSL and DS. The EDGE series allows use of homebrew NDS applications, multimedia and commercial NDS applications. Our products are highly compatible with the latest commercial ROMs and we update our software frequently to ensure reliability remains at the top of industry. Support for our product is provided quickly though our customer Downloadsupport team and dedicated resellers. Stay ahead of the game, choose EDGE.


iEdge-ds Features

Supports DSi/DSL/DS

iEDGE comes blank without any copyrighted software, making it 100% LEGAL

Fully upgrade-able bootstrap to combat future DSi firmware updates

Supports DSi firmware v1.4+

Plays commercial NDS ROM

Frequently updated OS for best compatibility

Full download play support

Automatic ROM protection patcher

SlowMotion mode

In game reset

Save game saves directly to Micro SD

Automatic save game type detection

Multimedia playback such as movies and MP3's

Supports MicroSDHC cards up to 32GB

Action Replay compatible cheat system

Multi language user interface

Micro SDHC card reader included

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